Jennifer (goodkharma) wrote in bambuddies,

Yo yo!

Yo! If you have my opinion on it, it seems like someone's multiple personalities is being hidden by themselves. I did this really late, it seems delusional because I'm tired

"Then I'm as smooth as the skin rolls across the small of your back" about his personalities, one which seems to be like his girl.

"Waiting for the headlights" waiting for the fakeness to be reveiled...

"Where silence means everything" seems to mean the lack of not having original thought.

"It's a campaign of distraction and revisionist history" Attempt to hide their fakeness from themselves, and their history is rather liberal since they don't know who they are.

"It's a shame I don't think they'll even notice"
It's a shame I doubt they even care. No one is to know about this"
No one will noticed his multiple personalities, or care, and he hopes no one notices.

"But whatever I have getting myself into
Maybe has been slicing inches from my waist
It's my first vs. the bottle"
Trying to scare away his alcholoic personality, and how much it hurts to try and quit.
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